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21st-Jul-2008 07:16 am - Public!Birthday post
So, this year, even though all my celebrations and presents were spread out through out the week, it was one of the best birthdays I've had yet. Akjaldjkakldjasldjasdjas. I got to watch Dark Knight on open day (WHICH WAS ON MY BIRTHDAY OMGGLEE thanks synidus), which btw I'm still having nightmares of Joker (D:), I got to watch the Avatar Finale (WHICH ALSO KICKED OFF ON MY BIRTHDAY OMGDOUBLEGLEE), which I'm so happy for the epic-ness (but urm, can anyone tell me, wtf happened to the Earth King of Ba Sing Se?! nvmnotimportant), I got surprises from my college friends on Friday since I cut class on Thursdayteehee (8D), the Carnival on the 19th went really well, I got lots of birthday greetings from everyone else on and off LJ BBS (and a special midnight call from kleiorihs), I got a lot of money from my family, and I got to spend the birthday week with my friends, and yesterday with my 2 special friends (angelic_brat & o0tasha0o) and 1 very important cousin.

Thanks guys. Really. 8D You all are awesome that way :DDDD

And lastly, guys, I'm moving journals, so comment here if you want to be added there. :D

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28th-Jun-2008 03:23 pm - [PUBLIC POST] Advertisement

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About The Charity Carnival :
Date - 19th July 2008, Saturday
Time - 10am - 6pm
Venue - SEGi College Kota Damansara Campus, Malaysia
Some of the events we'll be having - Futsal & Basketball Tournament, Fun Games, 8TV crew, and Many More!
Open to all! So spread the word 8D

Jumble Sale :
If you have anything you no longer need, then donate them to us, and we'll sell it.
All profits goes to Charity.

Auditions :
We're looking for people to perform on our Charity Carnival happening on July 19th.
Its open to EVERYONE, in and out of SEGi college. Our only rule is that you keep it CLEAN.
Its for Charity, so there will be plenty of kids with their parents around.
So, if you sing, dance, do stand ups, etc, come and AUDITION!

Any questions on the following, please :
* contact the people listed on the Audition poster
* email me at larxy.xvii [at] gmail [dot] com / tranquility.larxy [at] hotmail [dot] com
* leave a comment here. All comments are screened :)

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